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We are often so wrapped up in what we do, that real beauty is missed.
NotByIntent Photography becomes a platform to find a solution to photography variables.

Born somewhere in Cape Town, the sea and surrounding landscapes have had an influence on my shooting preferences. A backpack full of equipment to which many would say "Wrong move - lighten your load”. However, if you’re used to carrying 30-40kgs on route marches, it's nothing in comparison.

Majoring in Law, Psychology, and having received a Diploma in Photography has made me more determined to shoot from the heart. Very aware of my milieu and an ability to read people and their preferences, I tap into all my past skills to augment each assignment. My camera not only captures a scene, but it becomes a canvas on which I can "paint".

I’m a Philosopher, Poet, Non-conformist, go up against prevailing opinions, and an advocate for justice and integrity. I find beauty in places many seem to have forgotten. I now capture visually, things that matter even to the stage where memories are the only thing left.

I don’t focus on any singular genre of photography as I would only end up looking for that “special” niche for the rest of my life. I use quite a number of cameras, but no, I don’t own a Hasselblad. Do I lie awake at night thinking about it? No! Three of the five cameras I own, are Full Spectrum Converted that form an Infrared platform to explore an unseen world.

I’ve experienced the beauty and harshness of the Namib desert, dug for water in the Kuiseb River, and stood on the Karoo plains. I was struck by the solitude, the vastness of the skies at night speckled with diamonds, rubies - proof of God the Creator’s work. I’ve "heard" the silence of the Knysna Forest, where nature is the only serenading orchestra and I’ve hiked up the Drakensberge and was given the Zulu name “impangele” (Guinea fowl).

It's a passion, a personal undertaking and a place to escape to.

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